3 best virtual pet games for android (2018 update)

cthulhu virtual pet game

Not everyone is ready to a have a furry friend in their homes. Having a pet is a huge commitment, and it takes a lot of time and dedication. After all, it’s a helpless living being which requires your continuous attention. In the past, kids used small devices that featured virtual pets, but now with the help of modern technologies and the internet use, we have more extensive possibilities. There are thousands of games in the market, and it depends on your preferences, you have a variety of choice.

If you have small kids, this can be excellent practice for them. Virtual pet games can teach them about commitment and love. Later they can decide whether they are capable of keeping a pet, or not. You probably remember Tamagotchi, a cute little virtual pet that we used to have on a keychain as kids. It was quite a fun to take care of, but it’s no match for popular games we have on our smartphones. If you want to get back to your childhood and show your kids how to treat animals, then we have a couple of suggestions for you.

My Om Nom

Can you remember how many times have your played Cut the Rope and thought that Om Nom would be a better pet? Sure, he might make a mess of your “home,” chew on the sofa, car and everything else in your home, but, he is so cute and adorable. This is a perfect replacement for a real pet; you will have to feed it, play with it regularly, give it baths, brush its teeth and make it happy and growing. The game features house customization so that you can add various accessories, decorations, and furniture.

My Om Nom - pet game

My Om Nom is a particular game, which requires proper care of your pet and you will have to rub its belly or pat it to make it happy. But, at the same time, you will see the affection returned through the character’s eyes. On Android power phones, this game is free, so you can download it and introduce your family to My Om Nom. Your kids will really like the character and prepare them further for real furry friends.

Cthulhu Virtual Pet

The brilliant work of the H.P. Lovecraft is generally considered to be in a public domain. This fact provided development of excellent and advanced games and work of fictions over the years. One of them which offer you to have your virtual pet, Cthulhu. The great dreamer has just awakened, and it’s your job to take care of him and help him grow. This action includes a variety of tasks, such as feeding him, bathing him and playing with him. Like with most virtual games, you require coins to buy food and activities for your Cthulhu pet. They are obtained by taking The Sleeper of R’lyeh and getting the best score. Many people love playing this game. It has a user-friendly interface, and it’s perfect for children. Even the younger kids can play it. It will teach them how to value and appreciate animals more.


Unlike the previous games we mentioned, My Boo is a bit different. This is a little virtual pet game that lets you care for a little blob of joy. It is your task to feed it, play with it and make it happy. To some degree, My Boo allows you to customize your pet and add some limbs and body parts. Initially, you get a shapeless pet, and you have an opportunity to make it look like a real animal, a person, or whatever else you can imagine.

If your Boo is hungry, then you can select an array of delicious food in the pantry, from tacos to barbecue ribs, or even a portion of octopus. Each Boo is like a real pet, and it’s your job to keep it healthy and growing. While you keep your pet entertained, then he will be happy as the real one. If you decide that a real pet is better suited for you, Woof Dog Rescue started a fantastic cause on their website that we support.


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