5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Awarded Movies


We all watch movies. They are on TV, we watch them when we would like to go out and have a fun date. We watch them to have fun, to spend time with someone, or to find some relaxation in entertainment. However, if you want to become an expert you should watch awarded movies and here’s why.

Developing A Taste In Movies

If you want to develop are refined taste in movies, then you should not just satisfy with watching any old action movie. In order to get a sense of what a good movie is, you should definitely watch awarded films.


Also, you should probably learn more about that year’s winners of some major festivals and try to get to see them. You will definitely learn how to recognize a quality movie after a while.

Learning More About Directors

Watching awarded movies also means learning more about directors themselves. Once you get into watching a particular director, you will be able to recognize his style of directing and you will also learn how to recognize their artistic technique of directing.

Watching Quality Stuff

Sometimes it is relaxing to watch a movie which is of less quality, but offers entertainment, however, nothing can be compared with watching quality stuff.


If you are interested in watching movies that will move you, or influence your thinking and understanding of a certain phenomenon or a culture, you should definitely look for a movie with a lot of awards in different festivals and start from there!

Learning More About Popular Culture

Watching movies is a great way to learn more about movies, directors, actors, screenwriters, costumes, and after a while, all of this information will just come naturally to you. You will recognize directors by their directing style, actors even when they play small roles and that is some serious knowledge of popular culture right there!

Impressing Others

Of course one of the best perks of all this is that you will be able to impress others with your knowledge about movies!

People will come to you when they want to get a recommendation for an artistic movie they should watch or which rom-com they should see – and you will never run out of things to talk about with friends!


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