Bollywood Movie Buffs Rejoice – Flickbay Is Here


If you are a Bollywood fan, you will be glad to learn that there is an app that caters to almost all of your needs. The name of the app is Flickbay, and it can be best compared to IMDB. Hollywood fans are used to certain norms when it comes to accessing information related to their favorite movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, Bollywood fans have never had a chance to learn all they can about Bollywood in one place – until now.

Movie for all!

Flickbay is very easy to navigate, we have never felt that we are lost. The design of the app is straightforward. Which helps a lot when it comes to navigating the app. When you start the app, the first thing you will notice is a carousel which shows trailers of upcoming movies. Below the carousel you will find nine tabs – Trailers, News, Upcoming Films, Reviews, Music, Box Office, In Theatres, On TV, and On DVD.


There is no need to describe the nine tabs since they are self-explanatory. Trailers tab will show you trailers of new movies. And the Music tab will let you check out songs from new movies. The only problem we have run into is that we couldn’t select the quality of trailers or music videos. This could cause problems if you don’t want to use a lot of data, so be wary.

One of the features we love the most about Flickbay app is the Theatres tab. When you tap on the Theatres tab, you will be able to see Now Playing and Upcoming movies, but that’s not all.

We love the fact that you can check out the posters of the new movies, information, and ratings. When you tap on a poster, you are shown a trailer, review scores from other users, video clips, synopsis, song clips, together with many details such as cast details.
If you are a big Bollywood fan, you will love the ability to have all of the information right at your fingertips.

Flickbay image

Overall, Flickbay is an awesome app if you enjoy the content provided by Bollywood. We are a bit sad that the option of purchasing movie tickets doesn’t exist, and we can only hope that a new update will fix that.

If you enjoy Bollywood movies, then this app is a must-have for you! We would like to know which movies are your favorite and why? Be sure to share your opinions with us!


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