Facebook Messenger Camera Is Here (Again)

Facebook Messenger Camera

Facebook claims that they have built a “brand new, faster, and easier-to-use” camera into the Messenger apps. The company mentioned that a large number of users sends a massive number of photos, videos, stickers, and emojis using the Messenger app. Which is why Facebooks is trying to make it easier for the users to send visual content.


Like it or not, Messenger is the new Facebook. The company knows that many users prefer one-to-one communication. Which is why they are working on the Messenger as a product unto itself. Facebooks is quick to realize that the camera is quickly replacing the keyboard. Because the company wants to make sending photos and videos simpler and more fun. They decided to build the new Messenger camera.


Some of you probably remember that Facebook used to have a standalone photo app named Camera, but it never became influential. Many of the users were used to editing their photographs via independent software, which is why Facebook made Camera exclusive to Messenger.

This decision is sure to split the userbase even further. One of Facebook’s primary features is sharing photos, so it doesn’t seem wise to send more people to use the standalone app.

Why is Facebook doing this? The answer is simple: the company knows that it is better to split the userbase instead of sending them to a competitor.

So, what does Camera do? If you have used Snapchat, you will feel at home with Messenger’s Camera. Everything you have come to expect from Snapchat’s camera can be found in Messenger’s Camera:
– You can draw
– You can add stickers and emoji
– You can add masks and frames
– You can add various effects
– You can use holiday themed effects
– You can use features similar to Prisma

Some “props” for your images

Some of you might call this blatant copying, but it is far from that. There are some improvements over the competitors. You can add many “props” to your images, which lets you create your masks without limiting your creativity with presets. The search bar lets you find pre-made art for your photos, and a camera button on top of your inbox tells you when there are new effects to try out.


Facebook is working hard on convincing people that the Messenger is a platform for photos, not only text. Will it become popular? How will it influence the competition? What do you think?


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