Gamers Rejoice! Christmas Sales Are Here!

Black Friday Bargain Hunters Hit The Streets In Madrid And Barcelona

It is that time of the year again; everyone is preparing for the peaceful Christmas night. Some people are decorating the Christmas tree. The others are frantically running around town trying to find perfect gifts for their loved ones. And the gamers are waiting patiently. What are they waiting for? Amazing sales!


It has become a tradition for companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Steam to lower the prices greatly during the times of Christmas cheer; this year is no different than the last ones.
If you enjoy playing games on an Xbox, you will be happy to know that Microsoft is offering several Xbox and PC games for a lower price. Not only are you able to purchase games at low prices. But you are also able to purchase the Xbox One S console with a 500GB HDD for only $249. And if that is not enough, the console comes with a $30 gift card.

Pc-Games-4If you are an owner of the PlayStation 4 console, you can rest assured that Sony has also taken steps in making it possible for you to purchase all of your favorite games at low prices. Sony has discounted over 75 games. If you want to spend the holidays playing Bloodborne. You will be glad to know that it is at a 50% discount. Are you keen on playing GTA 5, we are happy to inform you that you can get it for $23.99. You want to play PlayStation 4 video games that you might have missed, now is the best time to buy and enjoy them!

Steam store for PC gamers

PC gamers, don’t think that we forgot about you! Steam has gone wild with this year’s sale! There are hundreds of discounted games available for purchase on the Steam store. You will find a lot of great indie games for a low price on Steam, but you will also find plenty of AAA games with discounts going as far as 60% and more. If you have missed Doom, now is the best time to buy it since you can get it for only $19.97, which is a steal if we are honest. If you are wondering whether you can survive the wasteland, purchase Fallout 4 for $19.79 and find out!


Holidays are awesome if you are a gamer! Plenty of good games can be purchased for a low price. And the only regret that we have is that it is impossible to purchase more free time.
Have fun during the holidays gamers. And be sure to let us know which games will be taking your time during this year’s holidays.


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