Hit Games That Were Turned Into Movies  


Games, turning into movies, and comic heroes getting their own movie roles, are no new concept. Still it is thrilling to watch a movie based on a game that you played religiously, and sometimes it leaves you in awe, while sometimes it can definitely prove to be not so good. What are some hit games that soon were followed up with a silver screen projection you can read here.


This amazing video game has always had great potential to be turned into a proper movie. The fans of the game were waiting such a long time to see this happen, that there were definitely a lot of people excited about this movie.


The movie itself is pretty similar to many action movies the Hollywood is filled with, however, it still had it charm – since it is based on the video game. The Hitman movie was definitely amazing, and while it could be seen as just another action movie, for the gamers it is still something special.

Assassin’ Creed

Assassin’ CreedAnother great movie that was based on a series of games is of course Assassin’ Creed. The AC became more and more popular with each new sequel, that it is no wonder that it was eventually turned into a movie as well. The amazing movie about another one of Altair’s descendants has the amazingly popular A-list star crew which includes Marion Cotillard and Michael Fassbender. This amazing movie will get your blood pumping as Altair’s descendent jumps over roofs and tries to bust the secret organization, as he does in so many of the game sequels. However, the game is much more thrilling since you are a part of that action, but here you get the privilege to sit back, get some popcorn and enjoy the show.


Another game which as turned into a movie is the popular Warcraft. This amazing game has had numerous fans over the course of more than ten years, so it is just that it was finally tuned into a movie as well.


Still it is definitely good that this movie arrives just now, when the CGI is finally evolved so much that it does not look fake on the screen. You can enjoy it, and if you are the fan of the game, you might have already seen it as well.


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