What Is It We Love About Pastel Clothing?

Pastel Clothing

For all of you fashionistas out there, I have two words – pastel clothing. These two words alone can bring about a lot of controversy in the fashion world, but love it or hate it, pastel clothing is here to stay! Today, we will talk about all the upsides of wearing these shades and you will definitely see why you need to get yourself something in pastel right now! Pastel clothing is a must, and here is why!

Pastels Are Always In

PastelsThe number one thing you must love about pastels, is that they are always in. I have not yet met someone in the fashion world who would deny it. Pastels are here and they are here to stay. Pastel clothing was trendy in 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and they are trendy today. With the equal amount of enthusiasm you can wear anything in pastel and you will always be spotted for your impeccable style. Pastel clothing needs no particular pattern or design, they are gentle and simple and evoke peace and tranquility.

They Seem So Sweet

Which goes on to prove a second point on this list, wearing pastel makes you seem so sweet. If you want to impress your date, wear something pastel. If you want to dress up for a job interview and stand out from the black-and-white crowd that damn well looks like a bunch of penguins on a summit, dress in pastel. With pastel you will not go wrong, but you will definitely show that you have something unique about you. Pastel clothing will show that you are different, but a good different.

Understated Style Goes A Long Way

You know how everyone thinks having style means you need to wear an over the top outfit, where as in fact it is less that makes you more stylish? Something like that goes for pastel clothing as well. If you want to s how that you have a sense of style, make sure your style is understated. You should not scream at others with your clothes, please. Have more confidence and show less, so that you could show more.

Mint Green And Pastel Yellow Are For Everybody

I don’t care if you are a baby, my grandmother, my date or the bloody Queen, if you go for mint green pastel clothing or yellow pastel clothing you can wear it. It is absolutely for everybody and it makes everyone seem like they have spent hours dressing up, whereas in fact you might have just picked up the first pastel clothing item from your closet.

Play Your Style Cards Right

If you want to show that you have style, have something in pastel clothing in your wardrobe. It will lively up your outfits, make you seem sure of yourself and it will definitely give a different tone and note to your entire wardrobe. It is a must-have color, and you can have it on any item, pants or Tshirts, but I do suggest a pastel colored polo t-shirt if you want to dress to impress.


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