Super Mario Run – Review


Nintendo has made an awesome decision – it has decided to bring the world’s most famous plumber to iOS devices! That’s right; Super Mario is finally in an official Nintendo game for IOS. Mario is probably Nintendo’s most famous character, and it is no wonder that millions of people around the world wanted to take him on new adventures using their smartphones.

Now that the game is finally here, we can test it out and say whether it meets the expectations of fans.

Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling auto-running game. What this means is that the character of Mario keeps running from the left side of your screen to the right side of your screen, and your goal is to navigate him through 24 levels safely. If you have played Mario games on NES or SNES, you will be familiar with Super Mario run. There are obstacles to avoid on your path to the end where Princess Peach is waiting.

Mario Is Running

The story of the game is not important. Bowser is back again, and he has kidnapped Princess Peach, yet again. The story is not important, and we don’t see the lack of originality as a problem. The game has a scoring system which relies on you picking up coins and power-ups – the more you collect, the better your score. Finishing a level isn’t a hard task. You have to get to the end within a time limit of 99 seconds. It sounds simple, and it is, but if you want to master the levels – you will have to replay them a lot of times.

The controls are responsive and simple; we haven’t noticed any problems. This game is perfect for casual gamers because the margin of error is wide, and the game doesn’t require as much skill as the older Mario games do. Nintendo knows its audience, and they are catering to them, which is always a good sign.

Super-Mario-Run black

The art style of the game is wonderful. You might miss the good old pixel art found in old Mario games, but the visuals in this game will not disappoint you. The sound in the game is nothing special, but it is far from being bad.

Super Mario Run is free to download

Super Mario Run is free to download and play, but after some time you will have to make a one-off in-app payment of $9.99 if you want yo access the full game.

Overall, Super Mario Run is an amazing game even if you are not a fan of Mario. The game is well optimized for smartphones, and it is easy to pick up and play.
Try the game out for free, and then decide whether you would like to pay for the full game or not. In our opinion, getting the full game is worth it.
Have fun, and be sure to tell us what you like or don’t like about the game.