Tips on How to Make Your Computer Quieter this Summer

make your pc quiet

You finally spent your money to get an awesome computer and the summer has rolled around when you noticed something. The computer is getting really noisy during this period, and you would like to fix that issue as during the winter period it was not this noisy at all. Well if you are certain you don’t want a jet engine in your home, you might want to start with some of the basics to check how you can directly impact the noise that is coming out of your computer without spending any money, and if those methods don’t help you, it’s time to spend some money.

Clean your computer

First thing is first when a considerable amount of time passes and you have not cleaned your computer, it’s time to do some maintenance. The first thing you will notice after not cleaning it a long time is that there are a lot more dust particles inside of the areas where there were none before. Cleaning your computer won’t cost you anything, and if you are unsure how you can open up your PC, you can easily find YouTube clips on how that can be done with a screwdriver and some patience.

pc water cooling by ek water blocks

Get a new cooling method

The loudest parts of your computer will be the fans, which are placed there to lessen the head on your component like the CPU the graphics card and to create a better airflow inside the PC. One way to circumvent all of these fans is to get yourself a water cooler which will make your computer virtually silent.

However, if you are not heated enough for a water cooler (pun intended) you can also get yourself a heatsink.

Heatsinks are big metal parts that are used as conductors to the generated heat from your components. They gather it and lead it away from the component by being a conductor on which cool air is being blown from the air fans.

Now, both methods are legitimately going to affect the level of noise that is being generated from your PC but as you might have guessed, the water cooling method is the expensive one and the one that functions better at least when it comes to both cooling and noise.

Get new fans

This is by far the cheapest investment if you want to cool down your PC and also make it quieter in the process.

The fans are there to keep your components from overheating, and during the summer it’s a known fact that some components get much hotter than during the winter period. For this reason, the fans get a lot louder and work overtime. If you want to lessen the burden on your current fans, you can either replace them as you might be better off with bigger and newer ones, or you can invest in upgrading your fans with some new ones that will create a better airflow inside the PC case which will also result in the fans producing a much lesser irritating sound.


Get noise dampening products

While this might not solve the issue at root level (as you might have some heating issue or dirt issue inside your PC) this will definitely help you with the noise generation that is coming out of your PC case.

Also, if none of the former steps have helped you this is the step that will definitely lower the level of the generated sound.

There are a lot of products that you can invest for this part, but we would recommend you check out these ones:

Silicone fan fasteners

This little thing will keep your fans fastened tight, as often times when they spin at full capacity they shake causing your housing to generate extra noise.


HDD enclosures

While we would recommend that you get an SSD if you really want to lower this type of noise, there is also another method to cut short the sound generation coming out of your HDD. Get HDD enclosures that will keep it nice and comfy inside of it, and that will also reduce its noise.

Dust filters

The usual thing most of the people that want to lower the noise generation from their PC are the dust filters. They have a positive side that will keep your fans dust free and will also ensure that your pc produces the least amount of noise that can be heard outside of the case, but they will make your airflow inside your PC a bit tricky. So, make sure to keep a positive air pressure inside your case otherwise you might overhead your components.


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