Top 5 Movies Set In Ireland


If you are crazy for Ireland, but cannot afford to travel there at the moment, use the magic of the old silver-screen and transfer yourself to Ireland! Here are the movies which will help you do just that, and that will show you this amazingly warm country for what it truly is.

Leap Year

This romantic comedy is absolutely perfect if you are interested in having a romantic adventure in Ireland and travelling there.

Leap Year

This amazing movie will also remind you of what love really is and how it feels to fall in love. We do not want to give away any details, but be prepared for a romantic take on Ireland and relationships!

Song Of The Sea

This amazing adventure is appropriate for all ages and it is not just a cartoon, but a story of myths and legends that weave the fabric of Ireland.

The lovely story and the amazing art will keep you captivated throughout the movie and you will simply enjoy this movie treat, no matter how old you are!

Waking Ned Devine

If you are in for a bit of a laugh, this movie is the one for you! Apart from amazing Irish scenery, this movie features some characters which are downright realistic and picturesque.

Waking Ned Devine

You will love every moment of this amazing comedy and have a real Irish adventure. The adventures which you will see in this movie will definitely make you love the Irish mentality even more!

PS I Love You

PS I Love YouThere are so many romantic comedies which all look alike, but PS I Love You is quite different than the old boy-meets-girl story. This movie will crack you up one moment, only to make you cry the next. Experience catharsis watching this movie and loving every moment of it. This is one movie which you can watch anytime, whether you are happily in love or broken up, to remind yourself that love also means hurting and healing and starting over.


Another love story which is also based on myths and legends that make Ireland what it is will help you fall in love with this amazing country. Also, the star cast is a feast for the eyes, and the superb acting make up for the realistic weather conditions depicted in this movie.



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