Top four programing language for beginner

programing language for beginner

Leaning to code is not an easy task. Still some languages are easier to pick up than others. You have a lot of options, and depending on your reason for learning, you will determine which one suits your needs the best. That’s why we won’t tell you which coding language you should learn, but we’ll point out some options that will help you narrow down the choice. So, here are our top four selections for every beginner out there.


javaWe are sure you are already familiar with this widely popular programing language. Oracle’s Java is one of the longest standing and most influential programing language. Nowadays, you can find Java in the majority of applications and all operating system and platforms. For that reason, Java is one of the world’s most famous programming languages. Due to its usability and popularity, it can be quite challenging to grasp and a bit challenging to program efficiently and efficiently. But, don’t think that Java is a perfect programing language, many schools and courses start with C or C++ because Java uses a lot of syntax from those languages. People who master Java first state that this language makes them think like programmers.


Ruby is one of the youngest programming languages in use. Developed back in the 90s by Yukihiro Matsumoto, this is a dynamic and open-source programing language. It features syntax that is easy to read and write, without knowing a broad set of commands and specialized vocabulary. Considering Ruby is object-oriented, it also features procedural, functional and imperative programming, which makes it very flexible. This language has a reputation to be relatively easy to learn. On the official site, you will find a 20-minute tutorial which can get you familiar with some of its basics.


When people are discussing which language is the easiest to learn, Python comes as a first choice. It was developed in the 80s and in most cases is used as a scripting language. Python allows people to produce large quantities of easily readable and functional code in short periods of time. It is also dynamic, object-oriented and has functioning programming styles. The Python won’t teach you basics, but you will learn some useful things, for example, link integration and modularity. On the other hand, if you want to learn systemverilog, then you will need more extensive knowledge and practice.


Both languages have been around since the 1970s and C for its part has been extremely widely used. The C programing language has a significant influence on every language that’s followed it. On the other hand, C++ language took one step further, implemented object-oriented features, providing virtual functions and templates. Besides Java, C++ is also one of the most popular programming languages in the world, and it is still in the extensive use today. However, it’s a bit challenging to pick up than C. Many programmers will state that there is no use to start with C anymore.


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