Web design trends in 2018

Web design trends in 2018

Web design and development are those constantly progressing and changing fields nowadays that keep coming up with new trends, styles, and preferences. Regardless of the industry field, you are in, your webpage faces tough competition in the virtual world and investing into high-quality competent web design and development is essential for keeping up with the race at the market. The end of the year is near, time to sum up the previous one and make plans for the upcoming one. Many experts in the area of web design are making lists of suggestions and directions for web developers regarding the latest trends coming in the next year. Here’s a brief overview of the dominating trends you should integrate into your web design in the new year.

Mobile friendly web designs

Mobile friendly web designsWhat used to be a desirable option is nowadays a must have an aspect in web design. More and more online users are uploading various pages using their cell phones, which imposes the need to adjust the design of your web page for mobile applications. This means that image-heavy websites are outdated and lose the race when it comes to functionality, due to a lot of time required for their upload via mobile phone. Flat design is what you should focus on. Minimalistic, neat, simple and clear, but not boring, shallow or two-dimensional page. Pointing out solely the most important aspects of your webpage, using contrast and bright colors, clear and sharp edges, with no clutter, flashy images or unimportant data burden. The easier to upload and read your webpage is, the higher rate it’s going to have among users and browsers.

Creativity is up to typography

Opposite to flat overall design of webpages, designers will get their chance to express creativity and innovative ideas with bold typography trends in the upcoming year. Due to mobile technology dictating new trends, typography will have to do half the flashy job images used to do. Whether you use gothic letters, modern, serif or sans, each of them has the potential of expressing a certain atmosphere, sending a message other than plainly written sentences and create a specific style of the whole site. Since background design will leave a lot of free space, designers will rely on typography and unique letters designed for a client to give the authenticity and originality of the webpage.

High tech gadgets

Website design trends upcoming in 2018 will introduce a multimedia approach to the web design of the average webpages. Namely, wide utilization of video has begun in the current year and will boost in the upcoming. The webpages will have common introduction video, but also dozens of them uploaded instead of common written content. This also includes 360 modeling, video mapping, and various interactive videos. Another novelty resembling SF movies is voice user interface. Advanced applications designed to decode user’s voice, process it and conduct commands as the user has spoken will take web design and development to a whole new level. This will make direct voice communication with the computer a common thing.